Eva Evans Passes Away at 29: Social Media Star and Creator of ‘Club Rat’

At the age of 29, Eva Evans, a well-known personality on social media and the creator of the television series “Club Rat,” killed unexpectedly.

@itsevaevans Replying to @maggie7764 you can watch the first two episodes for free on tiktok or the first episode for free on youtube, and the whole show is available on both tiktok series and @Prime Video #nyc #webseries #womeninfilm #filmmaker #clubrat #comedy ♬ original sound – Eva Evans | NYC 🤍

Her sister Lila Joy made the news on Instagram with a moving statement. Joy said, “We were devastated to learn of Eva’s passing yesterday. Eva was my amazing sister, not only kind and creative but also really funny.” “I’m caught between denial and grief, and it’s still difficult to believe and accept that she’s gone.”

Eva Evans Passes Away
Eva Evans Passes Away

“I wish I could channel Eva’s way with words now more than ever,” Joy said. There will be more to say about what Eva meant to us and the vacuum her departure leaves in our life, but for now, I’m keeping my message brief as we start to organize the next few days.

YouTube video

In addition to being the main character, Eva Evans wrote, produced, and directed the five-part series “Club Rat,” which is streaming on Prime Video. The program follows Evans, who plays a self-centered influencer, as she navigates the complicated dating environment in New York City after the global success of a video depicting her awkward split.

Eva amusingly conveyed her amazement that there wasn’t a Yankees emoji in her farewell Instagram post four days earlier, jokingly requesting that Apple address the omission. I discovered today that there isn’t a Yankees emoji. Though I’ve heard arguments that the world isn’t centered around New York City, I wasn’t prepared for this. Please, @apple, perform better,” she said.

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Lo Bosworth, a former cast member of “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County,” replied to Eva’s final post after learning of her passing and offered her sympathies. “Peace be with you, angel Eva. When others weren’t being nice to me, you were. I will always remember your generosity.

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