The Third Dive: The Tragic Loss of Rob Stewart | Remembering Rob Stewart with a commemorative t-shirt.

The Third Dive: The Death of Rob Stewart,” currently available on CBC Gem, is an intimate look at the diving disaster that killed environmentalist and filmmaker Rob Stewart. Stewart drowned off the Florida Keys at 37, putting the environmental world in shock. He was a prominent environmental activist and filmmaker.

rob stewart death
rob stewart death

Peter Sotis, a reckless instructor, convinced Stewart, a diving beginner, to undergo a fatally deep dive. Some versions said Sotis fled on the boat, leaving Stewart in the sea. Stewart’s parents sued Horizon Divers, the diving business, for negligence for failing to keep him safe.

These narratives crumble under scrutiny. Stewart was a diving and teaching veteran with 10,000 dives. He utilized rebreathers for deep diving in his award-winning documentary “Sharkwater.” This raises issues about why an experienced diver would risk repeated deep dives in one day.

In the documentary “The Third Dive: The Death of Rob Stewart,” skilled technical diver and journalist Robert Osborne investigates the tragedy for 18 months. Peter Sotis speaks out about that day for the first time in the film. Dr. Thomas Beaver, the medical examiner, also gives an exclusive interview, claiming his results were tampered with. Osborne also finds new video from the accident night and a leaked classified report that disproves widespread disinformation.

“The Third Dive: The Death of Rob Stewart” examines the perils of scuba diving and how Stewart’s adventures affected his family, friends, and the worldwide environmental community. This touching story shows the hidden risks and close-knit communal demands of high-stakes environmental action and scuba diving.

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