Anyone know what’s going on at Mesa College? There’s talk among students about hearing a loud “bang.”

anyone knows what happened in mesa college?
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A member recently brought up a terrible occurrence involving a person jumping from a building at Mesa College in a Reddit conversation. There have been reports of similar disasters from 2012 and 2013, thus this is not the first instance of this kind of thing. Another attendee described the vivid sound of an incident that took place within the college library, bringing back heartbreaking memories.

Anyone know what's going on at Mesa College
Anyone know what’s going on at Mesa College

Some thread participants related their own experiences with comparable circumstances, in which the unique and terrifying noises of the hits left a lasting imprint on anyone who heard them. Someone gave a detailed account of an occurrence they saw in Orange County where they saw the terrifying sight that followed a jump.

A variety of emotional responses and thoughts on the nature of these occurrences and their wider effects on the community were also discussed throughout the talk. Individuals provided words of encouragement and hope to others going through similar hardships while also sharing their own experiences with loss. The thread captures a depressing but encouraging community conversation on enduring and comprehending the consequences of such unfortunate incidents.